Sunday, January 17, 2010

holidays officially over

The local Red Hat Society chapter's annual RE-gifting exchange makes a definitive yet festive way to end the holiday season.

Yesterday, about 20 of us gathered for a leisurely lunch, attired as specified in Jenny Joseph's poem Warning: "...purple / with a red hat." Everyone brought a wrapped gift to exchange.

Numbers were drawn from a [ red ] hat, and we proceeded in turn to choose from a table of attractively wrapped gifts. After the first gift was chosen -- and opened and described in full view of all -- each person had the option of choosing a wrapped gift from the table OR taking an unwrapped gift from someone who'd already chosen. There was a three-time limit on such exchanges.

Gifts included tote bags, jewelry, wine, scarves, purses, and the atomic alarm clock I brought to exchange. Steve had won it at another club event and not wanted to keep it, yet had not found a suitable recipient from among our family and friends.

Being new to the re-gifting party process, I had some trouble understanding the strategy. But it worked out very well in the end. Having drawn #1 and opted for the smallest package on the table, I initially opened a lavish dichroic glass jewelry set (pendant and earrings) in a color combo I rarely wear. Luckily, this was taken from me on round #7 or so. I chose the next smallest package -- a bag of RHS logo products (bookmark, calendar, pin) -- which I later managed to exchange for a lovely pair of earrings made by one of the members.

As far as I know, everyone went away happy.

I shall wear my hand-made silver-and-turquoise earrings without purple, but they will bring back happy memories of friends wearing "...purple / with a red hat."

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