Saturday, May 28, 2011

hundredth post looms

POSToccupations had 70 postings in the year 2010, and has had 26 so far in 2011. What does this mean? The third post after this one will be number one hundred.

I love milestones, and my 100th blog post certainly will be one. How shall I celebrate?

One fellow blogger marked her 200-post mark by giving hand-crocheted hot pads to two readers who sent comments commemorating the event. This made sense, as she uses her blog to link to the page where she sells handicrafts. It was like having a sale or giving a coupon.

I'd like to celebrate by announcing that my collection of 70 posts from 2010 is now available as a hard-copy or on-line book. Alas! This will not happen. My best estimate now is that'll it'll hit the streets in the fall -- just in time for holiday gifting.

Meanwhile, I shall follow Walt Whitman's example and "celebrate myself."

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