Monday, September 27, 2010

a fellow non-marthette

Having gone to great lengths to dissociate myself from the marthettes*, I was happy to learn about bon appétempt, a blog that documents one woman's struggle with preparing dishes so that they look as good as their photographs on magazine covers and the pages of illustrated cookbooks.

The blogger's name is Amelia Morris. I heard Lynne Rossetto Kasper interview her on Saturday -- my favorite day for listening to public radio station KPCC-89.3 while running errands. Naturally I added bonappétempt to my Google Reader subscriptions as soon as I got home.

Amelia is 28 years old and has been blogging for two years, so she's squarely in the marthettes generation. Her blog's original motto was: "tackling semi-ridiculous to outright ridiculous gourmet and/or seemingly intense recipes, despite my novice skill set and average-at-best collection of kitchen appliances and cooking tools," but then she had what she calls "a big culinary change of heart" and started respecting the recipes and their creators. Declaring "I don't want things not to be hilarious," Amelia now focuses on her learning curve and freely admits her mistakes, which are sometimes hilarious and sometimes not.

Which brings me to another characteristic of the marthettes: their lack of a sense of humor.

postoccupations and bon appétempt have a lot in common, I think, but there are a couple things that set us apart. Amelia allows comments on her blog, and she posts a lot of wonderful photos.
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* Wondering why marthette is always dinged by my spell-check but marthettes sometimes isn't, I googled marthette and learned that it's the name of nine persons in the U.S. (outnumbered by 320,693 Franceses and 47,797 Amelias). How little we knew in the pre-Internet days, even if we were highly educated! This may turn out to be the subject of another post.

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