Monday, March 15, 2010

on hold

3/15/2010 08:05 PM
Possibly the most annoying music on hold I've ever heard, from a site in Canada, whilst I wait to clear up my status re an account with, which I thought was history.

Oh well, today has been quite productive, with getting ready for a candidate forum to be held tomorrow night, and talking to John about improvements to our Idaho 'vacation home.'

It seems that our Idaho water heater is on the OLD electrical line. So when it goes out, it requires replacement with an old-fashioned FUSE. Yes! The kind of glass-topped fuse you screw in.

Our Idaho house has two parallel electrical systems. The one Steve's dad put in when he 'modernized' the house in 1943 and the one Steve and Phil put in some time in the 1980s when their parents moved back to the farmhouse on a full-time basis. Those two electrical systems have existed side by side all this time.

3/15/2010 08:15 PM

Well I'm off hold at last - basically 10 minutes -- and am hoping to write more about the Idaho electrical system(s) in a future post or two.

The folks who put me on hold are promising to call me back. I'm not holding my breath.

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